Color Belt Breaking:

Youth Breaking:
White to Orange:  Stomp break
Orange to Yellow:  Run Jump Side Kick 
Yellow to Green:  Hammerfist
Green to Blue:  Back kick
Blue to Purple:  Forearm
Purple to Purple Trim:  Ax kick and Palm break
Purple Trim to Brown:  Combo break- Jump Front kick step back - slide behind side kick
Brown to Red:  360 Ax kick and combo break – Palm to reverse elbow

Adult Breaking:
White to Orange:  Side Kick
Orange to Yellow:  Hammerfist
Yellow to Green:  Back kick
Green to Blue:  Knifehand and Ax kick
Blue to Purple:  Backspin (2 hand hold women and 1 hand men)
Purple to Trim:  Double roundhouse and forearm
Trim to Brown:  360 ax kick and Punch break
Brown senior to Red:  Twin front kick

Breaking Requirements: