All physical requirements are posted in the workout area. Students must be able to perform the material at the required level in order to be considered for promotion.

Other Criteria for Promotion:
1.Must have obtained all stripes at least one week prior to promotion.
2.MUst have Head Instructor’s recommendation.
3.Must have fulfilled the allotted time requirement.
4.Consistent attendance prior to testing is required.
5.Membership dues must be current and test fees paid in advance of testing
6.Proper etiquette and Tae Kwon Do attitude must be exhibited by the student.
7.Desire to promote successfully must be shown by the student.

Promotion to the next rank is an earned privilege. You must prove yourself capable of the higher rank both physically and mentally before you will be allowed to test.

Students also will need to learn aspects of TKD terminology, etiquette, history, and life skills. Check your handbook for belt-specific material and responsibilities.

2nd Trimester 2018

Nevada kicks

6 adv. one steps

dynamic sparring


​3-2-1 steps

3rd Trimester 2018


Dynamic Sparring                                     6

Advanced one steps                                  4

Referee Commands listed

21 Movement                                          All




White to Orange                                                                      
Basic stances (long stance and back stance)
June bee, Hodan Makkee and Ki ma sa stance
Kicks-Both legs
            Front kick (variations – front leg, back leg, high)
            Roundhouse-(variations, pop kick, fast kick turn roundhouse)
            Side kick (touch elbow twice)
Hand techniques:
            Palm smash
            Adult-   side kick               Youth- Stomp break (8 years old ½ board)

Orange to Yellow Belt 2 months (14 lessons minimum)
Pattern TaeGuk 1
            Review all kicks from Orange belt
            Roundhouse triple (without putting foot down)
             Circulating kick - Reverse Circulating
            Hook Kick
            Back Kick

Hand Tech.
            Review all from Orange belt
            Palm block
            Circle block
            Middle outside block
            Left Jab punch

BREaking:  Run Jump Side Kick (Youth)  Hammerfist (Adult)

Yellow to Green
Pattern TaeGuk 2
            Review all kicks
            Ax Kick
            360 Kicks-  Roundhouse, circulating, front kick, ax kick
            Double kick
            Knife foot
Hand Techniques
            Turn Back fist
            Tiger strike to throat
            Sweep-basic one leg sweep
            Middle outside block
            Middle inside block
            Double knifehand block

Falling- from a squat roll back slap both hands down
              From a squat roll back to left and slap left down
              From a squat roll back to right and slap right hand down

Breaking:  Hammerfist (youth)    back kick (adult)

Green to Blue
Combination kicks 5
One steps 5

Breaking:  Back kick (Youth)  Knife hand and ax kick (adult)