All physical requirements are posted in the workout area. Students must be able to perform the material at the required level in order to be considered for promotion.

Other Criteria for Promotion:
1.Must have obtained all stripes at least one week prior to promotion.
2.MUst have Head Instructor’s recommendation.
3.Must have fulfilled the allotted time requirement.
4.Consistent attendance prior to testing is required.
5.Membership dues must be current and test fees paid in advance of testing
6.Proper etiquette and Tae Kwon Do attitude must be exhibited by the student.
7.Desire to promote successfully must be shown by the student.

Promotion to the next rank is an earned privilege. You must prove yourself capable of the higher rank both physically and mentally before you will be allowed to test.

Students also will need to learn aspects of TKD terminology, etiquette, history, and life skills. Check your handbook for belt-specific material and responsibilities.

1st TRIMESTER 2020 (January - April)

Series Techniques                                   1 - 6

3-2-1 Steps                                    ( 5th & 6th Set ) 

National Techniques                                1 - 4

23 Movement



2nd TRIMESTER 2020 (May  -  August)

Dynamic Sparring                                   1 - 4

Summer Techniques                               1 - 6

V-Locks                                                  1 - 4
Weapon (instructors choice)                  1 - 5

Random Acts of Kindess