Glenwood Gym

105 2nd Ave NE, Glenwood, MN



5:00PM  ||  Beginners

6:00PM  ||  Beginners & Advance

Northwest Martial Arts in Glenwood is located at the “Central Square” 105 2nd Av. NE Glenwood MN  56334. Room 208. Classes are instructed by 4th Degree Black Belt Master Jeff Klimek and feature Taekwondo instruction for both youth and adult students from beginning to advanced levels. 

Classes focus improving students fitness and coordination as they progress to learn new martial art skills at each belt level.  Fun and safe youth classes develop students character and self-discipline, while reinforcing positive behavior during all individualized lessons.  As students reach goals to promote to new levels of achievement, more challenging self-defense and traditional taekwondo material is presented to teach martial art students the tools they need to be successful.  Training for adults is the perfect blend of fitness and skill training.  Call today to find out how our class can benefit you or your child!